Industrial / Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial unit for buildings and large usage of air-conditioning are a very much different system than the normal systems used by the residential units. Even both industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning are based on the same mechanism: refrigerant circuit, comprising the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and expansion device as an integral part of both systems, but each system has its own complexity that needs an expert to analyse and to provide problem solving of any surfaced problems. We have the traits and the ability to deliver these types of job, along with previous experiences, we can guarantee a satisfied job. Commercial unit that we specialize varies. These are some of our past experiences and we always challenge ourselves to provide more of other services for commercial units.


VRV and VRF are both types of air conditioning systems that are designed to cool or heat multiple areas or rooms within a building using a similar technology. The main difference between them is their brand name – VRV is made by Daikin and VRF is made by other manufacturers. Both systems offer individual temperature control for each indoor unit and are energy efficient, making them a good option for larger buildings or spaces. It’s best to consult with an HVAC professional to determine which system is best suited for your specific needs.


A WCPU air conditioning system is a type of air conditioner commonly used in large commercial or industrial settings to cool down buildings. It works by circulating a refrigerant fluid between an indoor evaporator and an outdoor condenser unit. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor air, which is then cooled down by a water-cooled heat exchanger in the outdoor unit. The cooled air is then distributed throughout the building using air ducts and vents. WCPU air conditioning systems are more efficient and quieter than traditional air-cooled systems, but also require more maintenance and are more expensive to install.

Cooling Tower

Our cooling tower service provides maintenance, repair, and installation services for cooling towers used in various industrial or commercial settings. We specialize in ensuring that your cooling tower operates efficiently by identifying and fixing any issues that may arise. Our team of experts is trained to handle all types of cooling towers and can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. We offer
timely and cost-effective solutions to keep your cooling tower running smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted operations of your equipment and processes. Our goal is to ensure that you receive quality services that exceed your expectations and maximize the lifespan of your cooling tower.


An AHU system circulates and conditions air in buildings through a combination of components, including a blower or fan, heating or cooling coils, filters, and dampers. It helps maintain indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity for the comfort and health of building occupants. AHU systems can be customized to meet specific building requirements and integrated with other HVAC systems. They are commonly used in various commercial, industrial, or residential buildings.

Ceiling Consealed

Ceiling concealed air conditioning systems are a type of air conditioning system that is designed to be hidden above the ceiling of a building. They work by drawing in air from the room, cooling or heating it, and supplying it back into the room through air supply and return grilles. They are popular for their energy efficiency and discreet appearance. However, installation and maintenance can be more complex due to the hidden nature of the indoor unit.

Ceiling Cassette

A ceiling cassette air conditioning system is a type of system where the indoor unit is installed in the ceiling with visible air supply and return grilles. It works by drawing in air from the room, cooling or heating it, and then supplying it back into the room through the supply grille. Ceiling cassette systems provide even air distribution and save wall or floor space. However, installation and maintenance can be more challenging as the unit is located in the ceiling. Overall, they are a good option for those seeking an efficient and space-
saving air conditioning solution.

Multi Split

A multi-split air conditioning system is a type of system that uses a single outdoor unit to cool or heat multiple rooms or areas. Each indoor unit is installed in a different room and can be individually controlled for personalized temperature and air flow settings. This system is efficient and space-saving compared to installing separate systems for each room, but can be more challenging to maintain and repair due to the multiple indoor units and refrigerant lines.

Ducting Work

Ductwork is a system of pipes or channels used to distribute air throughout a building for heating, ventilation, or air conditioning. The ductwork consists of supply ducts, return ducts, and exhaust ducts that help to maintain indoor air quality. It’s important to work with a professional HVAC contractor for proper design, installation, and maintenance of the ductwork system to ensure optimal efficiency and indoor air quality.